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California ETP: The Employment Training Panel (ETP)

The Employment Training Panel (ETP) is a California state program that allocates funding to reinvest in employees’ advancement. Media companies like yours can take advantage of this program through Key Code Education. With more resources at its disposal, Key Code Education is poised to broaden its impact, fostering a new generation of storytellers who can dream big and achieve even bigger in the ever-evolving world of media production.

Once your company is approved, employees can take 200 hours of training each! Receive an incredible discount on all of our classes, some are even completely free!

Classes include Avid Media ComposerPro Tools, and ACSR Engineering; DaVinci ResolveAdobe Premiere ProAfter Effects, & Photoshop; KCE+ Exclusives like Assistant Editing Essentials and Post Coordinator Essentials; and much more! Eligible employees can register for classes easily through our ETP Coordinator, who can help with scheduling and class guidance.

Sign up before the May 31st deadline to take advantage of the special promotional offer above.  

After this limited time offer, the new KCE co-pay structure will be in effect for all future applicants, still featuring significantly reduced training costs. Companies can also receive training rebates based on enrollment volume to see even greater savings.

Interested in ETP at KCE? Apply for the 2024-25 ETP Training Period! Contact us here for more information or hit the Apply button to dive straight into the simple application process.

ETP Eligibility Requirements For Media Companies:

  • Companies must be based in California and have a valid CEAN number.
  • Students must be California residents, work full-time as W-2 employees, and earn the minimum wage as outlined below ($2.50 in health benefits may be used to supplement) by the end of a 90-day retention with their employer after their last day of training.
Alameda, Marin, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Francisco$20.50$24.60
Contra Costa$20.21$24.25
Los Angeles$19.30$23.15
San Diego$18.94$22.72
All Other Counties$18.45$22.55
  • Students must take a minimum of 8 hours (and can do up to 200 to 240 hours) of training.
  • Students must be actively training to remain in ETP and hold no gaps in training in excess of 90 days.
  • Students must not be receiving training from more than one (1) ETP-contracted facility at a time.

Previously Approved Media Companies:

  • American Film Institute
  • Buddha Jones
  • Christy’s
  • Company 3 / Method Inc.
  • Connection III Entertainment Group
  • Corday Productions
  • CRP Services / Critical Role
  • Digital Vortechs
  • Disney
  • EHM Productions
  • Entertainment Marketing Concepts West
  • Entertainment Partners Services
  • Film 45 / IMG Worldwide Inc
  • Fremantle Media North America
  • Fridays Films
  • Geiger Post
  • Ignition Creative
  • JAX
  • Key Code Media
  • Legend Pictures
  • Mango Post Inc.
  • MAX Post
  • Miracle Mile Post
  • MTI Film
  • New Edit
  • New Wave Entertainment
  • News America Incorporated
  • Pacific Post Rentals
  • Picture Head
  • Pivotal Post
  • Rainbow Digital
  • Renegade 83
  • Roundabout Entertainment Inc.
  • Shed Media
  • Soda Creative
  • Streamland Media Midco
  • Trailer Park
  • Unbroken Studios (Pound Sand LLC)
  • Uninterrupted
  • Union Editorial
  • Universal Studios Productions
  • Vertical Interval DBA Blueprint Post Production