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DaVinci Resolve Fairlight Audio

Cost: $1375.00
Course Length: 16 Hours

DR220 DaVinci Resolve Fairlight Audio Overview

Learn the art of sound design, recording, editing, sweetening, and mixing, as well as how to get the most out of audio tracks created and edited in Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve. Beginning audio editors and assistants will find clear workflow-driven lessons, while seasoned audio professionals will quickly grasp Fairlight’s user-friendly tools for realizing incredible sound.

Each lesson takes you step by step through practical real-world projects such as a feature film trailer and scenes from a science-fiction narrative film. You’ll start out building a powerful trailer soundtrack, and then move on to recording voiceover and ADR tracks, as well as editing and repairing dialogue. Next, you’ll explore sound design secrets to create original sound effects, layer sound, and use FairlightFX plug-ins to add depth and dimension to your tracks. Finally, you’ll step through advanced mixing techniques to balance, sweeten, pan, automate, bounce, and deliver your finished soundtrack.

Class Details


Lesson 1

Plunges you into the middle of an exciting movie trailer’s soundtrack as you explore the Fairlight page interface and tools and finish building the soundtrack.

Lesson 2

Utilizes three practical recording techniques to develop voiceover tracks; perform automated dialogue replacement (ADR); and use Resolve’s built-in oscillator, to record noise and tones that you can apply to multiple creative sound design and sound effects tasks.

Lesson 3

Explores Resolve’s unique audio track layers. You will edit a composite of the best takes from a voiceover recording and create crossfades between music clips in the same track.

Lessons 4, 5, 6, and 7

These lessons focus on dialogue tracks and the jobs of a dialogue editor. In Lesson 4, you’ll explore channel mapping as you prepare multichannel clips for dialogue editing.

In Lesson 5, you’ll create a checkerboard edit that splits each character’s dialogue clips to a separate track, and balance the clip levels within each track.

In Lesson 6, you’ll apply common dialogue repair and replacement techniques to reduce plosives and other unwanted sounds, and then stitch together a room tone track to create a seamless dialogue scene.

In Lesson 7, you’ll use advanced FairlightFX dialogue repair tools such as the De-Hummer, De-Esser, and Noise Reduction plug-ins—as well as the gate dynamics processor in the Mixer to remove hum, sibilance, and noise.

Lessons 8 and 9

These lessons focus on sound design for enhancing a soundtrack. In Lesson 8, you’ll use Pitch and Chorus plug-ins to change a human voiceover into a processed computer voice, and you’ll experiment with time-based plug-ins to add depth and dimension to Foley sound effects.
In Lesson 9, you’ll create original sound effects from oscillator recordings to simulate a heart monitor, sci-fi computer warble, and rotor blades, and produce a multilayered computer sound effect.

Lessons 10, 11, 12, and 13

These lessons demystify the art of mixing and sweetening your soundtrack and cover the tools and techniques you’ll use to polish and complete a mix.

Lesson 14

This lesson steps you through bouncing stereo and 5.1 timelines to create stems. You’ll also explore a finishing workflow for panning and linking six mono tracks into a single 5.1 surround track. Then, you’ll move to the delivery page to render your final stems and mix to meet various delivery standards.

Lesson 15

In this lesson, you’ll work with a professionally produced Dolby Atmos project to explore the Dolby Atmos integration built right into the Fairlight page.


This hands-on training guide is designed for DaVinci Resolve editors, audio newcomers, and experienced audio professionals who want to create, enhance, and mix soundtracks in the Fairlight page.


Completion of DR101 DaVinci Resolve Essentials or equivalent experience preferred. A working knowledge of Windows or Macintosh operating systems required.