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Assistant Editor Essentials: Resolve

Cost: $1375.00
Course Length: 16 Hours

ED201R Assistant Editor Essentials: Resolve Overview

In this class, we’ll break down the many duties and technical concerns faced by the Assistant Editor working in scripted and unscripted productions, which are covered through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises on DaVinci Resolve. Students will learn about which codecs to use when importing or linking, how to organize projects, how to group, create string-outs, multicam, and much more. Students will also take time to learn about the career path of an Assistant Editor and how to succeed at their job.

Class Details


Upon completion of this class, students will be able to:

  • Create and format a new project for offline edit
  • Identify external projects and project formats
  • Map keyboards and create workspaces
  • Manage media
  • Ingest, link, and transcode footage
  • Create proxy media and review proxy workflow
  • Organize projects with bins, folders, and metadata
  • Modify clips and group footage, including multicam
  • Review basic editing techniques and tools
  • Sync audio & modify audio channels
  • Review sound panel
  • Use custom transitions & create custom Motion Graphics Templates
  • Take offline edits to online
  • Up-res, decompose, mixdown, and relink media
  • Output and export sequences and projects
  • Troubleshoot major problems
  • Understand shared storage
  • Succeed!


This class is designed for: Editors – Assistant Editors – Post PAs – Multimedia Producers


Completion of DR101 DaVinci Resolve Essentials or equivalent experience. A working knowledge of Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Experience in video production or post-production is recommended.