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Eric Hall
Rwaana Barnes
Kenneth Gales
Johnathon Amayo

Mission Statement:

Black Engineers of Entertainment & Media (BEEM) creates and fosters a community for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color for production, post-production, and broadcast engineers in the Entertainment & Media industry. Our goal is to offer guidance to members on career trajectory, emerging technology, and navigating an evolving world. To achieve this, a system of mentorships, training sessions, and bi-monthly meetings will be offered to members with a key focus on trends in technology and the opportunities they create.


BEEM will offer bi-monthly online meetings for members to discuss new topics, updates, and build relationships. Additionally, there will be sessions for training and one-on-one guidance. Meetings will include a variety of topics and speakers from around the industry. In-person social gatherings will be scheduled soon.


Training session will focus on technical topics and emerging technology. Instructors will be industry veterans with Key Code Media’s Chief Academic Officer, Johnathon Amayo, designing the curriculum.

Key Code Education will also offer a 35% discount to all BEEM members on select courseware.


The ability to give back through sharing personal and industry experience is the heart of what drives BEEM. Mentorship opportunities will be available to ensure our community can learn from one another and succeed!

BEEM is always looking for senior members of the community to volunteer their time. Contact us on how to join!